What are the cons of adopting two puppies at the same time?

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While adopting two puppies at the same time can be a wonderful idea, the chances of it quickly descending into a nightmare just doubled.

Adopting two puppies may seem like a great idea because they can play together, never be lonely and entertain each other. However, the likelihood of a disaster looms close. Two puppies can get into twice the trouble. While one of them is inevitably going to be a follower, you can bet your bottom dollar that both will not be laid back and easygoing when it comes to personalities. One of the puppies will be into everything, while the other follows along to aid in disaster. An owner of two puppies is bound to come home to find lamp wires that have been chewed in two, furniture legs with teeth marks, and a host of other little surprises. Two puppies can be considered a small wrecking crew that you have to feed on a daily basis.

While the two puppies are busy destroying your house from the inside out, you’ll be left with the vet bill that they’ll incur. Two puppies require double the shots, double the medicine, double the cost, and double the food. You will need to fit them both for collars, leashes and if you choose, clothes. This means that owning two puppies will also hurt your wallet- that is, if they haven’t already chewed it.

Many times, two puppies will bond with each other. Unless you have a strong and firm control of your new pack, you will find yourself three ranks down in the pack, following the rules governed by the two four-legged friends ahead of you.

You should always consider the pros and cons of adopting two puppies, or any animal for that matter, before signing on the dotted line. While it may sound like a wonderful idea when faced with two adorable faces, take time to think it over before you follow through with the adoption.

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