What are the cons of adopting a Xoloitzcuintli?

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The Xoloitzcuintli, commonly referred to as the Xolo, is a hairless, rare and ancient breed from Mexico. Its name is derived from the Aztec god Xolotl, and Itzcuintli, the Aztec word for dog. While this breed has a unique appeal, there are some negative aspects that you should consider before adoption.

While the Xolo is a domesticated breed, he has still retained a great deal of his primitive behavior. This breed very frequently acts on instinct. Lightning fast reflexes can turn dangerous when utilized in an inappropriate situation. A Xolo owner needs to be consistent and use a strong but gentle hand when training this dog. Harsh discipline will frighten a Xolo. They do best with gentle, reward-based instruction, which means you may have to spend a decent amount of money to take a Xolo to obedience training.

Because they’re very athletic and clever, you will need to have a high and secure fence in your yard. A Xolo should never be left alone outside for any length of time, as they will find a way out of a yard, and may start to act out accordingly if they feel they’ve been alone too long.

These dogs require a special owner who is willing to take the time needed to make a Xolo a happy, healthy pet. As with any breed, you should always do plenty of research before adopting. Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment and should never be impulsive.

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