What are the cons of adopting a rare breed dog?

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While there may be a number of good reasons to adopt a rare breed dog, the cons of adopting one are significant to potential pet owners.

One of the most important things to consider when adopting a rare breed dog is whether you have access to a veterinarian knowledgeable in this breed. Some vets may not have needed knowledge to care for rare breeds. Since different breeds have different health traits, and because the breed is rare, your veterinarian may not be aware of the health issues concerning your specific dog. Similarly, a rare breed dog may have costly medical issues that could dig deep into your budget.

Another problem with adopting a rare breed dog is public opinion. Many people may be afraid of your dog, or will not understand the breed at all. Therefore, you could face issues with neighbors, friends or even family. One of the best things you can do is to study up on the dog you wish to adopt. Depending on the rarity of the breed, it’s important to note that you may find it difficult to locate enough information on the animal to calm their fears.

After you have decided on which rare breed you want to adopt, the next stage is to find a breeder. Since you are looking for a rare breed, finding a reputable breeder may be a difficult task. In the event that you do locate an appropriate breeder, the next hurdle to overcome is the cost. Rare breeds cost more to adopt than non-rare breeds due to their limited numbers.

Additionally, it is entirely possible that the breeder you locate is not even in the same region of the country that you live in, which means there could be additional costs that could include a plane ticket for yourself and/or your new dog. Furthermore, if you are adopting from a breeder in another state, you may not be able to meet your new dog prior to bringing him home.

Whether you decide to adopt a rare breed dog or not, the most important thing to do is research the breed to the best of your ability. Never make an uninformed decision when adopting a dog. Remember, this relationship is meant to be a lifetime commitment, and should always be approached as such.

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