What are the cons of adopting a dog from a shelter?

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One of the most common reasons to avoid adopting from a shelter is a person’s heartstrings. Shelters are sometimes not happy places to visit. The dogs are not always in the best of shape. She may be underweight, abused, ill or worse, depending where she came from and how long she’s been at the shelter. Sometimes, a shelter has to shave the dog down due to mats or long hair. If you’re especially tenderhearted, the shelter might not be the place for you to find a dog.

Many dogs in the shelter are considered “throw-aways.” Throw-away dogs were either given up by their owners, or got lost and were picked up by animal control. In the majority of cases, their owners never came looking for them. It’s also possible that they were not properly taken care of and were forcibly removed from someone’s home. In such cases, there could be some underlying medical problems, of which new owners would not be aware. You could be adopting a large vet bill with your new pet.

Sometimes shelters have a difficult screening process for potential adopters. This is to ensure that their dogs are going to good homes. However, some people find the process annoying or invasive.

Some dogs are in the shelter because they have behavioral issues that their owners were unable or unwilling to correct. Adopting a dog from the shelter is hugely hit-or-miss; you can get a really good dog, but you’re just as likely to get a naughty one.

No matter where you adopt a dog from, you should always take the time to research the breeds that you’re interested in, and how they’ll get along with you and your family.

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