What are the cons of adopting a dog from a professional breeder?

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Adopting a dog from a professional breeder is actually a good thing. However, the keyword here is professional. There are many breeders who falsely or dubiously claim to be professionals. Let’s take a look at the negative reasons associated with adopting a dog from a professional breeder:

First, it’s important to be able to distinguish professional from unprofessional breeders. Professionals are proud of their breeds. They are in the industry to breed the dog, not for financial purposes. A professional breeder will have no problem giving you a tour of their entire facility. They will not have a problem showing you the parents of the dog you are adopting. All of their dogs should be well socialized. If you have any doubt, or the breeder does not seem forthcoming with their information, you should not go through with the adoption.

Second, there are already too many abandoned and homeless animals in the United States. There are over three million animals placed into shelters each year, and half of those (1.5 million animals) are euthanized during that time. Many of those are purebred dogs who were possibly purchased from a breeder, or were part of a puppy mill and dumped there after they couldn’t breed anymore. When you adopt from a breeder, you are contributing to the growing problem.

Third, oftentimes there will not be a trustworthy breeder near you, which means the dog will need to be shipped to you. In this case, you are purchasing a dog sight unseen, without knowing her personality and how she will fit into your family. You will not be able to see how she interacts with other dogs, or even with you, until the day she arrives. This can be unnerving for some people. Additionally, adopting a dog from professional breeders can take several months to complete from the initial onset.

While there can be many positive aspects to adopting a dog from a professional breeder, there are several negative aspects as well. Always remember to do copious research before you adopt any dog. This is a lifetime commitment you are making, so it’s important that you make it a good one!

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