What are the cons of adopting a dog from a foster home?

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Adopting a dog from a foster home is a positive experience for many people. However, you should always use caution before adopting a dog, no matter where you are planning on adopting it from.

A foster home is a family or an individual that is volunteering to take care of a dog for either a shelter or a rescue. The foster parents are supposed to treat the animal as their own. This sounds like a good thing, and in most cases it is. However, it’s important to consider what type of screening a rescue performs on these volunteers. It’s also imperative that potential owners ask how a rescue or shelter tracks a dog’s progress through a foster home and regulates care and socialization. These are questions that are extremely important to ask.

Any reliable foster home should provide an adopter with paperwork showing what vetting the dog has had while in their care. If a foster home does not have any records of what vaccinations the animal has had, then you should not adopt the dog. Many rescues do not always take their dogs to a veterinarian for a check-up. Some do the vaccinations themselves. It’s important to know where there is a guarantee of the dog’s health.

Another negative aspect to adopting a dog from a foster home is the training that the dog has received. Make sure to ask if the dog was trained in a way that is conducive to your own lifestyle. Ask yourself if you need a dog who is crate trained or leash trained. Additionally, It’s important for potential owners to know if the dog is housetrained, and how he or she reacts to other pets. These are some of the areas that may be a challenge when adopting from a foster home.

If you are looking to adopt a dog from a foster home, you will need to do a little question-and-answer session with the foster parents before making a commitment.

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