What are the concerns of traveling with my dog?

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Just as there are many benefits of traveling with a dog, there are also some concerns as well. The biggest concerns are for your dog’s safety and comfort, as putting a dog in an uncomfortable or dangerous position will not only be hard for the dog, but also stressful for you. Appropriate planning and research should be done before embarking on a trip with your dog.

It’s easiest to travel with a dog by car to a location where accommodations will be pet-friendly and fun for your dog. It’s much harder to travel with your dog via plane, as more preparation needs to be done and there are many more obstacles, like airport security and boarding the plane, to be concerned about. There is also the concern of a dog being anxious and uncomfortable on airplane travel and whining or making noise throughout the flight.

You will also need to find pet-friendly accommodations for you and your dog while traveling. Luckily, there are a multitude of hotels and vacation rentals that not only welcome dogs, but cater to their needs as well. Be sure to bring along anything that your dog will need during the trip, such as bedding, food bowls, a leash, food and treats that will not be available at your final destination.

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