What are the best strollers for dogs?

When you are considering a stroller for your dog, there are a number of considerations to look into regarding the type and features of the stroller. First and foremost, you want a stroller that is sturdy and well built. This is primarily for your dog’s safety, but will also help the strolled stand up against any weather elements like rain, snow and extreme hot or cold. A nice, durable material will also prevent the strolled from being ruined if your dog scratches at it.

The wheels of the stroller should be made of a resistant plastic or rubber. A good stroller can have either two or four wheels, so that choice is really up to personal preference. Four wheels may provide more stability if you have a larger dog. Also consider the actual size of the stroller. Small dogs may not need as large or a stroller as large dogs, so just be sure that the stroller can properly and comfortable accommodate your dog.

Most dog strollers have a closable feature that allows for the dog to be contained in the stroller. The material of this closable material should be resistant to sun and wind to ensure that when the stroller is closed, your dog is not subject to extreme weather elements that could effect his health. If you plan to travel with your dog, make sure that the stroller is approved by your travel carrier.

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