What are the best strollers for cats?

Cat strollers offer pet owners an excellent way to give their feline companions some safe time outside, and they are especially nice for older cats or those who are sick or injured. By nature, cats are curious, and they’re generally quite happy to take in the sights from a comfortable vantage point.

Strollers come in much greater variety than most people realize, with even double deck models available to accommodate a pair of cats simultaneously. It’s important to make sure that you choose a model that fits your cat’s body size. The animal needs to be able to sit up and lie down comfortably and to move around to some degree.

Many cats enjoy strollers that have both an open and a private, tented section. This allows the cat to feel as if it can “hide” if something is going on “outside” it doesn’t like.

Don’t forget to take into consideration exactly where you’ll be using the stroller. Wheels that are good on smooth sidewalks might not be appropriate for dirt paths. Can the enclosure be used as a cat carrier and attached to the wheels once at your destination? If so, this allows Fluffy to be safely placed inside before you ever leave the house.

If the enclosure is not detachable, do the wheels fold in such a way that transporting kitty in the stroller at all times is an option? Frightened cats can bolt and be gone in a second. Make sure you’ve chosen a stroller that keeps your cat safe and contained at all times.

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