What are the best ingredients to serve Westies?

Westies (White Highland White terriers) can be hearty and active. If yours is active and burns a lot of calories, she may need a little more protein and fat than one that’s sedentary.

Westies can also be allergy-prone and that means a compromised immune system, so you’ll want to discuss supplements, vitamins and other non-food treatments with your veterinarian. Suddenly, it will become just as much of a question as to what to avoid as to what to feed.

Staying with limited ingredients should be a priority, because you don’t want to introduce any further allergens. You will have to read labels very thoroughly and might even want to consult with a pet nutritionist.

Just like humans, every dog is different and may respond positively or negatively to a food. You’ll need to experiment and possibly conduct food elimination tests. First, some of the best things to feed include:

• Raw baby carrots
• Cooked squash
• Green beans
• Low-fat cottage cheese (1 tablespoon – this is a great method for administering medication)
• Apple slices
• Berries
• Cantaloupe
• Peas

These are things you should definitely avoid:

• Beef
• Corn
• Wheat
• Brewers yeast
• Soy
• Meat by-products or poultry by-products, meat meal
• Garlic (should be avoided with all dogs anyway, since it can be harmful to all breeds)
• Artificial colors or flavors or any preservatives
• Fatty meats and trimmings which can cause diarrhea or pancreatitis
• Cabbage, broccoli or brussel sprouts which can promote intestinal gas
• Onions and garlic – poisonous
• Grapes and raisins – poisonous
• Popcorn
• Chocolate–poisonous
• Soft moist commercial treats (high in fat, sugar and salt)
• Pig ears
• Avocado

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