What are the best ingredients to serve in homemade treats?

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By cooking small bits of liver, fish, or eggs for your cat, you’ll know exactly what’s in the treats she’s eating. You can even make organic cat treats for her by buying meat, fish, and eggs that are certified organic. But remember, these treats should make up only a small part of your cat’s overall diet. Too many treats will lead to obesity and diabetes.

Very often, a home-made treat is great for your cat. Remember, though, there are some things they should never have: onions; garlic; chives; milk and other dairy (contrary to what many think, cats cannot tolerate milk); alcohol; grapes; raisins; chocolate; candy; fat trimmings and bones; raw eggs, meat, fish.

Here are two great treats sure to delight your cat!
• Liver-Loving Cat Cookies
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Combine dry milk with wheat germ. Add honey and pureed liver to dry ingredients and mix well.
Use hands to roll mixture into petite-size balls no bigger than a marble, and place on a well-greased or nonstick and coated cookie sheet. Flatten each one with the back of a spoon.
Bake 8 to 10 minutes. Consistency will be like fudge.
Refrigerate in an airtight container, or store in the freezer if keeping them for more than several days.
• Tuna Patties with Tuna Pops
Drain the tuna and set aside the liquid, which you’ll use for the tuna pops.
Mix tuna with rice, pureed liver and parsley.
Divide mixture into 8 equal portions, shape into balls and flatten them into patties.
Refrigerate in an airtight container and serve as individual snacks.
Then, pour drained liquid into a small plastic pill organizer with dividers and freeze.
When ready to serve, remove a tuna pop by twisting and pressing on the organizer as you would an ice tray. Place in a bowl so your cat can lick it.
NOTE: Both liver and tuna are okay—but only in small amounts. Too much liver can result in vitamin A toxicity and tuna doesn’t have all the nutrients a cat needs.

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