What are the best forms of multi-vitamins for cats?

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Just like humans, cats need vitamins to thrive. Not too long ago, we were able to get them all from our food—now, though, soils are depleted and foods are overly processed and full of hormones and chemicals.
Vitamins are proven to improve overall health. Vitamins help cats maintain healthy skin, a shiny coat, clear eyes and a strong immune system. They also help prevent anemia, malnutrition, digestive problems, skin problems and poor reproductive performance. A daily multi-vitamin can boost energy, improve digestion and help cats absorb nutrients in food. Vitamin C helps cats synthesize collagen, which is essential in developing tissue in the body. When used in older cats, vitamins help reduce the signs of aging; in younger cats, they aid in growth and development.
Most multi-vitamins contain vitamins C, E, B, D, A plus calcium, zinc, magnesium, selenium and potassium. However, each multi-vitamin formula may vary slightly.
Although there are chews and pills that are often flavored with things like beef liver, the best form of vitamin is probably liquid, and quality liquid multivitamins are the type of liquid vitamins preferred and recommended by the majority of veterinary professionals.

Here’s why:

• More concentrated dosing: Liquid multi-vitamins for cats can hold up to eight times more vitamins in a single dose than the pill form.
• Absorbability: Liquid vitamins are absorbed faster and easier in the feline intestinal tract than pills.
• Convenience: Most pet owners find liquid more convenient to administer than crushing a pill and then trying to get the cat to swallow it, even if it’s flavored. It also removes a lot of uncertainty. How many times have you wondered if your pet actually swallowed the pill—or spit it out when you weren’t looking?
Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation. You can buy bottled liquid vitamins in pet stores or even at the veterinarian’s office.

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