What are the best diets to serve Miniature Schnauzers?

You know that television commercial that shows an 11-year-old Miniature Schnauzer who catches a ball and claims that he has “no plans to retire soon?” Well, that shows how important a healthy diet is to this breed’s energy levels!

The Mini Schnauzer is prone to certain health issues, like pancreatitis and diabetes. That means to avoid fatty foods, sticking with the leaner cuts of meat—and give her no table scraps at all. (If she’s prone to foraging for food, whether it’s counter surfing or even looking in the dishwasher for food left on unwashed plates, be sure to read our articles on eliminating these problems.)

Obviously, you’ll also need to keep her blood sugar balanced so be especially wary of dog treats which can be high in fat, sugar and salts, etc.

Other ingredients that are fine to feed you Mini Schnauzer are:

• Lean beef and chicken. Mini Schnauzers love beef, so cook it up with some rice and vegetables and make her a healthy, tasty meal. Make sure that any home-cooked meal is well balanced, so discuss this with your vet, and make sure the meat is lean. If you’re using a store-bought dog food, be sure it doesn’t include by products, because these ingredient are too rich and fatty.
• Vegetables: Mini Schnauzers love their meats, but they also enjoy veggies–and they need them to get minerals and vitamins for their bodies. They especially love broccoli, spinach, carrots, potatoes and celery. You can either cook them up to add in her food, or even use them (especially raw baby carrots) as healthy snacks. Again, if you’re using store-bought dog food, make sure a few of them are listed in the ingredients, but avoid brands that list fillers like corn, which can be hard on a Schnauzer’s digestive tract.
• Whole grains: They regulate the blood sugar, are good for the digestive tract and provide energy. Stick with brown rice (white rice can wreak havoc on the blood sugars), whole-wheat pastas or even whole-wheat pieces of bread. Avoid pet foods that use corn or soy as their grains.

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