What are the best diets to serve Dachshunds?

Dachshunds are part of the hound group and they weigh 11 pounds or less. They are prone to overeating and weight gain as well as spine, heart and blood sugar problems.
Here are some nutritional guidelines for this breed:
• Commercial food: First, be sure your dog likes it! Many veterinarians and breeders will advise a breed-specific brand that is especially suitable to the Dachshund. It is important to read labels and avoid additives, preservatives and potentially allergenic ingredients.
• Dachshund food should be high in protein, healthy fats and amino acids.
• Your veterinarian can provide advice on food quantity for the Dachshund, but monitoring the Dachshund’s weight and lifestyle are other ways to determine portion size; for instance, if your dog is becoming overweight, you’ll want to reduce food. If she’s sedentary, however, she won’t require the same amount of food as a more active one. Talk to your veterinarian about completing a body composition test Dachshunds who get more exercise require more food than those who are sedentary.
• Use a set feeding schedule, rather than free feeding—free feeding will only give your Dachshund the opportunity of overeating.
• Although you will need to experiment with various dog foods to find out what works best for your dog, you will need to transition slowly to reduce any digestive problems that can come with the change. Try giving the Dachshund half of the new food and half of the original, then each day gradually increase the new food and decrease the amount of original food until only the new food is provided.
• Dachshunds often love vegetables, so a raw baby carrot will be a healthier treat than a commercially made biscuit, which can possibly wreak havoc on blood sugars.
• Digestive problems, such as diarrhea, weight gain or skin and fur problems are usually indicators of a food problem. That would mean it’s time to switch.

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