What are the best containers to use to store my cat food?

Plastic isn’t necessarily the best choice for storing cat (or any pet) food, because it can leach oils. The food can become rancid and contaminate the rest of the food, resulting in gastric disturbances. Plastic can also be a little hard to keep clean and might harbor bacteria.

But just storing food in the bag is problematic, too. If you buy your cat’s food in bulk, the food can go stale well before you get to the bottom of the bag, and it can invite mice and insects into your pantry.

The solution is to get a storage bin to hold your pet’s food.

Glass is the best choice because it:

• Increases food safety. It’s also cleaner.
• Saves money in the long-term. Usually, glass is a one-time investment.
• Is ecological. Glass reduces landfill and saves energy.
• Is visually appealing, especially since some have unique designs and colors.
Here are some tips on storing, whether or not you decide to use plastic or glass:
• Buy only as much food as your cat can eat in a month so the food stays fresh.
• Decide what kind of storage solution you’re looking for, wall-mounted or store-and-pour dispenser. Larger pets need large bins. If you have different types of pet food that you also want to store, consider stackable bins as a space saver. As long as you can close the bin against insects and rodents, it can keep the food fresh.
• Purchase a food storage bin large enough to hold an entire bag of food. You can visit a larger pet store to browse through their storage systems. Alternately, you can visit a number of online stores if you have something specific in mind.
• Buy a home storage container, such as a Rubbermaid bin, if you find the animal food-specific bins to be too expensive.
Tin is okay too: You can even use a garbage can with a tight fitting lid to store food.

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