What are the advantages of professional cat grooming?

In long-haired cats of any type, including mixed-breeds, periodic professional grooming may be necessary for a number of reasons. If, for instance, a long-haired cat develops severe mats, shaving the coat is often the least stressful solution. Mats form from a combination of the long outer hairs of the coat and the soft down next to the skin.

Cats who are allowed to go outside shed seasonally, but most indoor cats shed year round. If the excessive hair is not brushed out of their coats daily, mats can develop. Humans have the perception that their cats shed more in the spring, which may or may not be the case with indoor animals, but often owners will opt for a “spring cleaning” at the groomer’s anyway. With long-haired breeds, this may actually be a good idea 2 or 3 times a year.

Long-haired cats also have “pantaloon” issues. The fluffy hair on the backside is a magnet for substances that both your cat and you would rather have in the litter box. In older cats who can no longer squat easily due to arthritic joints, this problem is magnified and can even be present in cats with shorter coats. Clipping the “private” areas and keeping the long fur under tail and down over the backs of the legs shorter helps to minimize “cling ons.”

An often cited reason for seeking professional grooming help is that the cat fights the owner at home. The assumption is that a professional will better be able to handle the cat. It is more likely that the cat simply knows how to “work” his human and get away with being a furry jerk. If, however, a cat exhibits severe nerves about necessary grooming measures, never allow the animal to be anesthetized outside a veterinary setting. Any time anesthesia is used, proper medical monitoring is imperative.

Use a groomer who specializes in cats, and that takes safety measures to keep client animals separated. Cats are highly territorial and will become aggressive in the presence of other felines. Also, many highly infectious and often fatal feline diseases can be transmitted by as little as a nose tap.

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