What are the advantages of installing an electronic fence to keep my dog on my property?`

An electronic fence is commonly known as the invisible fence, although there are now some other brands, that don’t use electricity, in pet stores. The fence uses a wire-proof transmitter, buried around the perimeter of the area in which you want to contain your dog. Your dog must wear a shock collar tuned to the same frequency as the transmitter. When the dog goes out of the area of the fence, she receives an electronic shock, a signal that tells her she must stay within a certain area.
First, a hole is dug around the designated area. This will be a full circle or square. Once the hole is dug, a wire is inserted in the hole and the hole is then covered. Because the wire is covered up and no one sees it, so it’s called an invisible fence. The wire emits a radio frequency sound that your pet will be able to hear.
A special collar that has two metal prongs and a little box is put on your dog. The box emits a sound that only the animal can hear whenever it gets too close to the invisible fence (underground wire). The pet must be trained that the sound will lead to a shock if it continues. After a few times, the pet quickly catches on to the sound it hears before the shock, and then it stays away from the boundaries and remains safely in the designated area. The installer will help you with this process until your pet understands the system.
Cost is the biggest advantage of the electronic fence. Depending upon the size of the area you wish to make available to your pet, invisible fences are much more cost-effective than traditional fencing.
Other advantages:
• The dog has freedom to roam within a set boundary. No leashes or tying the dog up.
• Peace of mind for the owner that his or her dog will not stray into a neighbor’s yard, flower bed or into traffic.
• Fast installation. The system can be installed in a day.
• It doesn’t require a large hole; it just needs to be deep enough to cover the wire.

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