What are the advantages of adopting an adult cat?

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Although kittens are undeniably cute, they are also extremely active and prone to climbing anything and anyone with their tiny, razor-sharp claws. An adult cat is a better option for pet owners looking for s a calmer pet, and is the best choice as a companion to an elderly person who may be unsteady on their feet.

An added advantage to adopting an adult cat is that there is no need to “kitten proof” your home. After a year or so of age, cats have moved beyond their destructive stage, and are more likely to settle down. Not all cats are lap sitters, but most adults will want to at least be in proximity to their human owners.

If the adult cat is a shelter animal, which is an excellent idea, given the epidemic levels of homelessness, spaying and neutering will have already been performed prior to the adoption. This protects the new owner against an unexpected litter of kittens, and in male cats, lessens the tendency to spray. Shelter animals will also have received all of their necessary shots.

Depending on the circumstances of an adult cat being given up for adoption, chances are still good that someone will have an idea of the cat’s basic personality. This is an important factor in matching the animal to a new owner. If, for instance, young children will be present in the home, an aggressive or skittish cat is not an ideal companion.

Since a cat can easily live up to 15 years of age or more, adopting even a three-year-old animal is not a compromise in terms of the expected length of the owner-pet relationship. Many cats older than three years of age are given up for adoption annually. It takes a special person to adopt an older or elderly cat, but there is a real need for these animals to find good homes as well.

If you are looking to adopt a specific breed, taking an older animal can be a low-cost option. Cat breeders often seek to place older animals in “retirement” homes when they are past the kitten-bearing years. This allows the animal to have the kind of attention to which they are accustomed, and for a lucky new owner to have a purebred beauty, a winning situation for all concerned.

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