What are the advantages of adopting a puppy?

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There are many advantages to adopting a puppy, as opposed to an adult dog. Let’s review a few of them. While this is not an all-inclusive list, it makes a good start for potential pet owners.

Age: Some people just prefer to own a puppy because they are cute and adorable. They want to be able to watch the puppy grow, learn and develop into an adult dog. It is fun to watch their little personalities develop as well. These people usually have a caring, nurturing nature about them. They love to take care of another living being and look forward to seeing their puppy become part of the family over the course of a lifetime.

Training: A well-trained dog is very important to some people. Adopting a puppy is the best way to have a dog who is trained in the areas that best suit your lifestyle. Some people want an agility dog, a therapy dog or just a personal pet who can sit, shake paw and rollover. There are those who want a house-trained, crate-trained, leash-trained, and car-trained pet. This is where adopting a puppy holds an advantage to adopting an adult dog. A puppy is just like a human baby, in that it is open to any type of training. With a puppy, you are able to nurture and train your dog from a very young age. You can do all the aforementioned training yourself and take pride in what you have accomplished with your dog.

Bonding: Many people believe that one of the most important things you can do with a dog is to bond. These people believe this is best achieved when you raise a dog from a puppy. Therefore, adopting a dog at a young age is an advantage. While you are training your puppy to your lifestyle you create a bond with the animal. These people spend most of their available time with the puppy. They typically take the animal everywhere they go and can feel they have a best friend no matter where they are located.

Adopting a dog of any age is a lifetime commitment. People who choose to adopt a puppy are looking to have a companion for a very long time. But, let’s all face it– the best advantage to adopting a puppy is…. puppy breath!

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