What are some ways that a dog exhibits stress?

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Dogs can’t talk and let you know when they are feeling stressed or anxious, but they can display different behaviors to express themselves. A dog can become stressed for a number of different reasons: a new environment or situation, a known fear-inducing activity (such as visiting the vet or getting a bath), or confrontation with other animals are just some of the reasons that a dog may become stressed or anxious.

It’s fairly easy to tell if a dog is experiencing stress by watching his body language closely. The normal posture for a happy and confident dog is alert ears, relaxed mouth, weight evenly distributed, non-gazing eyes and a relaxed or wagging tail. A dog who is stressed will often have his ears back, tail down, a cowering body posture, and a heavier breathing pattern than a content dog.

Other ways that dogs exhibit stress include excessive scratching at the floor or at doors, hiding or retreating to spots known as safe areas, drooling, and an overall tense body. To avoid having your dog become stressed during new situations, properly socialize the dog as a puppy and gradually introduce many new people, animals and environments into his life.

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