What are some ways I can stretch my cat food budget without sacrificing quality of food?

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One of the biggest concerns of everyone these days is how to stretch the pet food budget without compromising quality.

It’s important to understand that cost isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality, so your veterinarian or pet food expert can point you to some high-quality foods that may be more reasonably priced. Just be sure the food is properly balanced and contains all the necessary nutrients; otherwise, you’ll also be dealing with illness and veterinary bills.

There are also some more creative solutions, such as preparing home-cooked meals or freeze-drying. NOTE: Cats have strict dietary requirements, so food balancing so be sure to discuss any recipes with your veterinarian or pet food expert first.

There are also other things you might consider such as:

• Stock up on sale items: True, cats have strict dietary needs—but if your brand of cat food, or something else she loves, like chicken, beef, kidney or fish is on sale, stock up — to one month’s worth.
• Monitor stores and websites: Sometimes stores have unadvertised specials, so it’s important to ask the store clerks, inventory staff and cashiers. Also monitor the Internet. Many manufacturers will provide coupons for download.
• Take advantage of store cards: These not only alert you to discounts and other promotions, but they also help the store maintain customer loyalty. Check with your pet stores, but also look at places like Sam’s Clubs, Costco and BJ’s.
Mystery shopping: Okay, there are a lot of scams out there, but there are also some superior and highly honest places like national chain pet stores, veterinarian hospitals, and groomers who routinely use mystery shoppers to evaluate their services. You can get reimbursed not only for premium dog food, treats, chew toys, and assorted pet supplies at pet superstores, but also for things like vaccinations and grooming.

NOTE: If you think you might be interested, go to Shespeaks.com; that site provides recommendations to find legitimate opportunities so you can avoid the scams

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