What are some ways I can keep my dry cat food fresh in its original bag?

Storing dried kibble can be a challenge, because it can become damp or stale if left open. Keep in mind also that once the bag is opened, the food loses scent, flavor and nutritional value as time progresses. If you buy dry food in bulk, the food can go stale well before you get to the bottom of the bag, your cat might lose interest in eating it and you’ll possibly throw some food out.

Here’s a big problem: Storing pet food in the bag can invite mice and insects into your pantry.

With a little extra care, and some common sense, you’ll be able to keep your food as fresh as possible.

• When storing cat food in its original bag, after feeding, squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible, re-seal it, or fold the top over very tightly and apply a clip.
• If you buy large bags of cat food, and you have a light eater, separate the bag into portions and freeze much of it.
• If you want to keep the food in its original bag, but also enlist the help of other containers, put the entire bag into a container or a zip lock bag. The original packaging is important because it keeps the kibble from oxygen and humidity.
• Keep in mind that expiration dates only apply to sealed bags; they don’t apply once the bag is opened. Date the bag of food with a marker when you open it so you can keep track.
• Make sure you keep the barcode, batch code, and expiration date in a safe place. You’ll find these on the bag and they identify the particular batch of food you’re feeding your pet. If there’s ever a food recall, or if you suspect any problem, you’ll need this information.

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