What are some signals a dog gives to indicate he is no longer interested in the training lesson?

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A structured training session is a great way to get a dog to learn and perform new tricks and commands. However, if a dog isn’t interested the session, not much will get accomplished. If a dog no longer wants to participate in a training session, his behavior will most likely indicate that it’s time to wrap it up. An uninterested dog will be more easily distracted, begin to bark, attempt to initiate playtime, or simply lie down and be unresponsive to commands.

The best way to keep a dog interested in a training session is to make the training session fun, like a game. Understand that dogs do not comprehend the words that we speak to them, or the actions that we desire them to carry out. Patience, repetition and consistency are extremely important during training sessions. Break the session into smaller lessons, with each lesson representing a new trick or command. Give your dog plenty of time to learn and practice one trick or command before moving on to another.

Always offer your dog praise or food rewards for successfully performing a trick or command. Dogs can easily stay motivated by food and praise, as they want to attain both of these things. Never punish a dog for not completing a trick or command, or get frustrated if they are not performing well. These things will only set back any progress made.

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