What are some safety concerns to protect my dog when we go on a trip together in a recreational vehicle?

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• Secure items well so they don’t accidentally fall on your pets while you’re in motion.
• Don’t stop too quickly, and be careful when opening the doors at rest stops, gas stations, etc.
• Be mindful of slide-outs, especially if you have dogs or cats. Don’t put them out if you don’t know where the animals are, because it’s just one more way for them to sneak out.
• Let your dog get used to the RV a little before you start traveling. Park your RV for a few days and let your pets go in and out. Give them small bits of cheese or chicken when they come inside, or leave it on the floor in each room for them to find while they explore Spend at least one night in the RV without driving, letting them sleep, eat, and play with some toys just like it was home.
• Keep medical records on hand. You should do this anytime you travel with your dog: Have copies of your pets’ medical history, allergies, and proof of vaccines signed by your vet. These come in handy not only if your pets get sick on the road, but also if you cross any international borders (you’ll almost always need to show proof of rabies vaccine).
• Keep cool! Most RVs aren’t well insulated, so if it’s hot outside it’s going to be hot inside. Keep the air on at all times, use fans as a back-up and, if appropriate, keep windows open.
• Call ahead. A lot of RV parks are very pet-friendly, but many campgrounds aren’t. Some places also have specific breed or size restrictions.
• Get a collar with tags. Include full identification, and perhaps even “reward if found” or “needs daily meds”. Microchips and GPS Trackers are also possibilities.

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