What are some reasons people surrender their cats?

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Before you surrender your cat, please be sure you’ve examined all of the alternatives and before giving him to a shelter, check to see that it’s “no-kill” shelter.Of the estimated six million to eight million dogs and cats sent to animal shelters every year, half are euthanized and the rest adopted, according to The Humane Society of the United States.

Some reasons people do not keep their cats include:

• Economy: Foreclosures, the high price of food and medications and lost jobs are just some reasons why people can no longer afford caring for their pets.
• Illness and incapacitated: In some places, if the person already receives “Meals on Wheels,” the volunteer might also take care of the pet.
• Landlords: Sometimes a new building owner refuses to allow pets. In many states, a pre-existing pet is grandfathered into the new lease. Check with a lawyer to be absolutely certain of your rights.
• Coop Boards: Your cat’s loud meowing may violate your board’s rules. Be pro active, if possible and try to remedy the situation by consulting a veterinarian or animal behaviorist.
• Job: A new job may require extensive travel and long hours, rendering it too difficult to care for your cat.
• Behavior problems: Some cats do have behavior problems that make their owner’s lives difficult, but in many instances, solutions can be found by consulting a pet behaviorist.

If you must surrender your cat to a shelter:

• Call a local no-kill shelter to let them know that you want to surrender your cat for adoption. Depending on the shelter, your cat may end up on a waiting list.

• Visit the shelter with your cat, so the shelter staff can evaluate your situation. Depending on the shelter, the staff might ask you questions regarding the cat’s medical history and your reason for surrendering it. This appointment also allows you to inspect the facility. Some no-kill shelters have too many animals and run beyond their capacity, resulting in neglect of the animals

• Read the surrender or relinquishment contract thoroughly, and sign it. The fine print often contains important information about the shelter’s policies.

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