What are some infectious diseases associated with feces not picked up promptly?

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Dog waste can be a carrier of diseases and parasites, such as tapeworm, salmonella, and E. coli. While these are not necessarily an immediate danger to humans, other animals may have close contact with the poop and contract the disease themselves, which may then spread. Even disease-free poop can be a hazard, because rainwater will frequently wash it into storm drains that discharge into waterways without treatment, greatly lowering the quality of the water.
• Salmonella: These organisms are widespread and can be passed from pets to people, as well as from people to pets. The salmonella organisms can be shed in both the feces and in the saliva of dogs and cats. Some facts: Pig ear dog treats have been implicated as a potential source of salmonella infection for dogs and cats; they can also be a source of infection for people who handle them. Also, dogs and cats fed a raw diet are also thought to be more prone to shedding salmonella organisms.
• Tapeworm: The real cause is fleas, so if you have dog or cat that has recently had, or has, fleas, check the stool for tapeworm eggs. The tapeworm, which is made up of segment, attaches itself to your pet’s intestine and feeds. Each segment can contain up to thirty eggs, with the segments breaking off as the tapeworm grows and lays eggs.
• Occasionally, human infants and children can become infected from the dog or cat tapeworm by ingesting larvae-containing fleas.
• E Coli: There is controversy that feeding a raw diet to your dog may cause e coli from the handling of the raw meat and bones.
Your dog’s poop may also contain: Roundworm, Giardia, Campylobacter,Leptospira. Cryptosporidium ,Fecal Coliforms.

The safest bet is to always wash your hands after playing or petting the animal; however, adults know to do this, but children often do not—so you’ll need to watch them.

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