What are some foods never to leave on a kitchen counter that may be accessible by a dog?

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You should make an effort not to leave anything on the kitchen counter. It’s just not just annoying when your dog steals food; there are myriad dangers in the kitchen that could be fatal to your dog.

If the food has a strong odor, your dog will take a whiff and find it very appealing; sometimes, though, she’ll steal anyway, even if she doesn’t find that smell interesting or appealing. This is why you should put away all types of food, even if you do not think that your dog would be interested, because of the potential danger it could pose. Fruit is an example of that—the seeds, cores and pits are often toxic—so it should always be put away.

And what living being, human or non-human, isn’t enticed by the smell of chocolate? Unfortunately, that substance can be fatal to dogs.

The bottom line: never leave your dog unsupervised in the kitchen because it’s always better to prevent the potential problem in the first place. If there’s food on the counter, she’ll scavenge it. That’s known as counter surfing. And if she gets to eat something just once, she’ll remember that there are tasty things to be had on the counters. That will reinforce the behavior and, before you know it, she’ll be looking to counter surf all the time.

Teach her a few obedience commands, such as “leave it!” so she knows the house rules. Whatever you do, don’t get a false sense of security thinking she can’t reach the counter. Remember, dogs are problem-solvers and if they can figure out how to open doors, they can certainly figure out how to get up on a counter—there are even some reports of dogs moving chairs over to the counter so they can reach better

It’s not on the counter, but it’s very important to keep the dishwasher door closed so that she can’t lick any plates. The reason for that is simple: the dog will get a taste from the plate and its sense of smell will be that much stronger, so it’ll look on the counter even more.

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