What are some cues learned in agility that can improve my dog’s obedience?

There are many cues that are taught in agility training that can improve a dog’s overall obedience, even if he isn’t participating in agility competitions. Teaching your dog these cues can improve his overall level of obedience. The cues are commands that can be taught verbally, or verbally along with the use of a clicker. Many cues learning in agility have to do with giving instructions or directions so that a dog knows what to do and where to go on the competition agility course.

One of the most basic cues that you can teach your dog is “sit” and “wait.” Most dogs already know sit because it’s one of the first commands they learn from their owners, but sitting and waiting is an advanced cue. You can also teach your dog to wait in a “down” position. These cues are valuable in everyday situations, in addition to being used in agility training. Another cue that you can teach your dog is “watch me,” which is when a dog turns his head to look at you and does not break the gaze or give in to distractions. This is particularly useful in everyday situations when you want your dog’s full attention.

More advanced cues to teach your dog may include giving directions cues, such as “left” and “right,” or simply telling your dog where you want him to go. In agility training, these cues could be used to tell a dog to weave or go through a tunnel. In your everyday life, these cues could be used to tell a dog to go to the back door, lay down at your feet, or do things like back up or move forward. A dog that learns these cues will be more obedient and follow your instructions readily.

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