What are some common flavors added to compounded medicines for dogs?’

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Long ago, physicians and pharmacists realized that adding certain flavors to medicine could greatly increase the child’s willingness to take the medication. Needless to say, this really helped out parents who, for years, had to fight to get their kids to take medication.

Now, veterinarians and pharmacists have both realized that this can also work for pets.
Compounding is simply customizing a medication and it can be done by veterinarians or pharmacists upon receipt of a veterinarian’s prescription for a particular patient. It’s often used to add flavor to a medication.
The pet who refuses to take medication because of the taste is a prime opportunity for compounding. For example, dogs don’t appreciate a traditional solution of medication being squirted into their mouth, but they’ll take it gladly when it’s flavored with meat or part of a tasty biscuit or treat. By working closely with your veterinarian, a compounding pharmacist can prepare medicines in easy-to-give flavored dosage forms that animals will gladly eat, whether it’s a dog or some other kind of pet.

For instance, your dog may hate taking pills; trying to hide it is useless, because she catches on fast and will often eat around the much-maligned medication.

Beef, chicken, liver and bacon tend to be the most common flavors for dogs. However, it’s possibly for your vet to find a veterinary compounding pharmacy that will create some of the less commonly used—but very popular—flavors for dogs, including:
• Bananas and other fruit
• Green beans and other vegetables
• Pumpkin and peanut butter (both flavors make dogs jump for joy)
• Turkey
• Chocolate (make sure your double check this, as chocolate is a known toxin to dogs, but sometimes carob, a safe alternative to chocolate, is used)
• Coconut and others.

Sometimes, though, your dog will turn up her nose no matter what flavor the medication is. In that case, your veterinarian may customize it as a transdermal patch or gel so it’s absorbed into the skin, or he/she may add a liquid or syrup to dilute the concentration of a pill.

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