What are some battery-operated toys that are beneficial to dogs?

Battery-operated toys for dogs that are safe and fun can be a great way to provide your dog with mental stimulation and also keep your dog occupied. You should always monitor your dog when he or she is playing with a battery-operated toy in order to ensure his safety. If your dog begins to chew on the toy or play with it in a manner other than what is recommended, discontinue your dog’s use of the toy.

Toys that shake, jump or move on their own are great battery-operated toy options for dogs. A dog is not used to a toy moving on its own without assistance from a human or nudging it with his paws or snout. A toy that can move, shake or jump on its own will provide countless hours of fun for your dog, and also challenge his mind.

Battery-operated toys for dogs should be made of heavy plastic or rubber that is not easy to chew. This will protect both the battery portion of the toy, and keep your dog safe. Dogs will love to nudge and chase after battery operated toys, and will try to figure out what the toy is and how it is moving.

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