What are small dogs more prone to tartar than large dogs?

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Small dogs have smaller mouths, so it can sometimes be difficult to get around all the teeth when brushing. This is especially so when using one of those finger brushes. Although they are smaller and, hence, less likely to intimidate a dog, it can be pretty hard to get your finger around all the teeth.

Very often, hard crunches, such as dried kibble and tartar-control biscuits, help reduce tartar. However, smaller breeds are often fed canned food and if they do eat kibble, their mouths only accommodate smaller pieces. And forget about those hard biscuits—their mouths will never fit around them! Toy dogs tend to get more treats, proportional to their size, than larger dogs, and they frequently dislike dental chew toys and hard food, both of which can help keep teeth clean.
Toy breeds also have a tendency toward hypoglycemia, so they usually eat sugary diets at a very young age. As puppies, toy dogs often get extra sugar in their water or karo syrup on their food to counteract hypoglycemia, so they are used to high-sugar diets. Their teeth need to be brushed regularly to stay healthy (and for their breath to remain sweet).
The teeth should be brushed once a day – or at least every few days. Start slowly, with one or two teeth at a time and then gradually working up.
Before you start the brushing routine, make sure your dog gets used to it. Let her sniff the toothbrush and dab a little toothpaste on her lip so she can smell it and lick it off.
Run your finger along the inside of your dog’s mouth. Put a little toothpaste on your finger if you want. You will need to use either your little finger or your pointer finger. A toy dog’s mouth is very small, so you should not try to force your finger farther back than it will go.

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