What are my options when adopting a dog?

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If you’re looking for a new dog and wondering where to adopt, there are a few options available.


A great way to help your community is by adopting from a rescue. Rescues provide a service by helping to keep stray animals off the streets. Usually, a rescue will completely vet a dog before adopting it out. In most all cases, you are adopting a dog who is up-to-date on vaccines, and is either spayed or neutered. Adopting from a shelter means an adoption fee, but the money goes to good use, and a rescue can tell you all about the dog’s interests, needs and personality.


Another excellent way to provide community service is to adopt from your local shelter. Shelters help your community by taking in stray and abandoned animals in need of a loving home. Most shelters charge a small adoption fee that covers shots and altering, and they can usually tell you a little bit about an animal’s personality. Your local shelter is also a good place to look for a purebred dog, as there are many purebreds brought into shelters every day.


If you’re looking for a purebred dog, adopting from a breeder might be the best choice. However, you need to first do some research to make sure you adopt from a reputable breeder. There are many “backyard” breeders who are only in the business for the money, and don’t provide adequate care for their animals.


You can elect to adopt a dog from an individual who can no longer take care of the animal. Many times, individuals need to find a new home for their pets, and this is a good way to get a dog for free. These people typically don’t charge a fee for a dog. However, unless they have copies of paperwork from a vet’s office, the health of the animal isn’t guaranteed. Only the owner can tell you all about the dog, including his likes and dislikes.

No matter where you plan on adopting your dog, you should always take great care in choosing the dog you bring home. Do a lot of research on the different breeds and then go out and find the dog that will perfectly match your lifestyle, family and home.

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