What are freeze-dried foods?

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While humans have been using freeze-dried food for a while, the concept is relatively new for dogs. Freeze-dried dog food is actually made from cooked fresh foods with nearly all of the water content removed through a special process. The result is a light and dry product that is packaged in air tight containers for future use.

There are many brands on the market, including meat-based ones, as well as specialty diets, such as raw foods.

Freeze-dried dog food has a number of advantages, including long shelf life. Freeze-dried dog food stays viable, without any spoilage or mold, for years as long the packaging is not damaged or opened. This is because all micro-organisms need water to survive and the water has been removed. So, when you’re ready to feed your pet, all you have to do is open the package, add a little water to reconstitute the food and dinner is ready. There’s also the benefit of easy storage.

Because it’s so light, freeze-dried dog food is great for traveling, so you may want to consider it when you and doggie travel.

Here are some other reasons a freeze-dried dog food might work for you:

• The process requires only minimum amounts of added heat to so fewer amino acids or digestive enzymes are destroyed. (Any cooking above 116 degrees will destroy enzymes, say many.)
• It preserves meat without chemicals, irradiation, or heat damage to nutrition, hence justifying the higher cost.
• You’ll always have a supply of dog food on hand—important to those in storm-prone areas that often result in losses of electricity.
So, you may ask: Wouldn’t it just be simpler to only dehydrate? Well, it might be easier to just remove the water, but when you add the freezing process prior to extracting the moisture, it does preserve more of the nutritional content of the food. Virtually all of the proteins, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals remain intact, so your pet will get the most nutrition possible.

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