What are alternatives to an electronic fence to keep my dog on my property?

Quite honestly, one of the best ways to keep your dog on the property is to supervise her. Dogs like to roam, and there are any number of ways she can get hurt. She can be get struck by a car, get in fights with other animals, or eat something toxic. You can also be held liable if she destroys property or harms another animal or person.

It also helps if she knows some basic obedience commands, such as “sit,” “stay” and “come.” She should definitely know her name and should be trained to come to readily come to you.
Electronic fences can be an effective way to keep your dog in the yard while still allowing her to roam. There are some, however, who just won’t consider using an electronic fence because they feel they are cruel.
In that case you can:
• Install another type of fence, such as the stockade. These are a little pricier than the electronic or invisible fence, but they are both aesthetically pleasing and effective at keeping your dog inside.
• If you can’t afford a fence, crate-train her. But use a very large crate—one that she can stand up in and walk a little comfortable and pay extra for top panels. Make sure you “feather her nest”—decorate it with some cute bowls for food and water; add towels, mats or blankets and favorite toys. If your dog is very small, you can even add a ramp or two for her to get additional exercise. She shouldn’t be left in more than a few hours, though.
• Take a smallish space and create a “dog run”—fenced in, of course. Since the area’s smaller, the fencing won’t cost as much and you’ll probably want a basic, study chain-link.

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