Scientists Discover Humpback Whales Working To Save Other Animals From Orca Hunts

Humpback whales are majestic creatures and have long been a topic of study for scientists around the world. However, the latest humpback whale discovery is completely amazing. According to the Mother Nature Network, scientists have discovered several instances of these whales rescuing animals from being the prey of killer whale hunts.

One of the main scientists in the discovery is marine ecologist Robert Pitman. It all started in 2009 when Pitman was observing a pod of killer whales hunting seal. As the group knocked a seal off of a piece of ice, a humpback whale emerged from the water. Shockingly, Pitman watched as the humpback helped the seal get back to safety.

That wasn’t the last time scientists witnessed these shocking moments. In fact, some of this amazing footage was able to be recorded like the video below that was captured by BBC that shows humpback whales saving a baby animal from an orca.

Inspired by these events, Pitman has dedicated his life to researching this odd behavior. His work aims to answer the question of why the humpback whales choose to thwart the hunting efforts of killer whales. You can read more about Pitman’s research in his latest journal.

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