A Giant Whale Washed Up On Shore, But Strangers Banded Together To Give Her A Second Chance At Life

A minke whale found herself stranded on a Chilean beach. Her chance of survival was slim to none, until a group of people worked together to rescue her. Fishermen and locals in the Chilean town of Arica successfully managed to put the whale out to see. The whale was nearly 40-feet-long and weighed 17,000 pounds!

“All the ships in the area, the shellfish gatherers, we worked together to rescue it,” said one fisherman.

“We tied some ropes around it. It was a bit of a struggle but we were able to do it, to hook her and get her out,” said another.

After they brought the whale fully back into the water, she swam off into the Pacific Ocean. She had minor wounds caused by rocks, but nothing serious.

According to Reuter, the beaching of animals is rare at this time of year as whale migrations to water waters usually occur between December and March.

Thankfully this whale was able to be rescued and was given a second chance! She just happened to be discovered just in time by these kind-hearted people!

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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