5 things to know about the 2012 Westminster Dog Show

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The 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show kicked off Monday at Madison Square Garden in New York City, much to the delight of dog-lovers everywhere. This highly entertaining event brings together the top 2,000 dogs from all across the country. And only one pup will be crowned Best in Show. Whether you’re a loyal viewer or checking out the event for the first time, here are five things to know about the best and brightest dog show.

1. There are six new breeds making their debut at this year’s show.

American English Coonhound (Hound Group).

Cesky Terrier (Terrier Group)

Entlebucher Mountain Dog (Herding Group)

Finnish Lapphund (Herding Group)

Norwegian Lundehund (Non-Sporting Group)

Xoloitzcuintli (Non-Sporting Group)

2.  One of Martha Stewart’s dogs is in the competition. His name is Genghis Khan, and he’s a big, fluffy three-year-old Chow Chow. Spoiler alert: he won Best in Breed. And Stewart tweeted about it.

3.  There are entry changes because of renovation work being done at Madison Square Garden. Limited space inside the world’s most famous arena means Westminster is allowing only 2,000 entries for the first time since 1982. Usually 2,500 dogs compete.

4.  This sporting event is remarkably and fascinatingly old. According to the Westminster website, the show “pre-dates the invention of the light bulb and the automobile, the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Washington Monument, the invention of basketball and the establishment of the World Series.” Pretty neat, huh?

5.  Many notable names. Forget Fido, Chance, Lady or Butch. Lots of this year’s pups have some outstanding and creative names. Check these out.

• Captain Crunch, a German shepherd

• Playing With Fire V Gleishorbach, a dachshund, goes by the nickname “Cinders”

• Ava Gardner, a shetland sheepdog

• Lafford Fly Me Too Farleysbane, a Papillon, gets “Dave” as his nickname

• Banana Joe, an affenpinscher

• Georgio Armani, a xoloitzcuintli

• James Bond, a Lhasa Apso

• He’s So Fine, a greyhound

• Boogie Back to Texas, a petis bassets griffons vendeen

• Mob Boss Capone, a plott hound

• Sugar Daddy, a pomeranian

• Drama Queen, a toy poodle

• Miss Jayne Hathaway, a Chinese shar-pei

• Kate Winsit, a standard poodle

• Jungle King Mufasa, a redboone coonhound

• I Want’A Talk About Me, a Chinese crested

• Kiss My Cash, a Norwegian buhund

• Rumpus Bumpus, a puli

• Gossip Girl, a basenji

• Tina Fey, a brussels griffon

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