This “Werewolf” Dog Had A Horrible Past. But When I Heard His Rescue Story, My Jaw DROPPED.

Danielle Torgerson, a veterinary technician in Killeen, Texas, was at work when she heard painful moans and cries down the hall. She went to see what it was, but wasn’t quite prepared for what she was about to witness. On the exam table was a puppy whose face appeared to be “melted” off. His lips were burned away, he had no eyelids, and his fur and skin were gone from his head down to his shoulders. His was accompanied by his owner who claimed the pup had been “stung by bees,” but the room was filled with an “overwhelming stench of gasoline.”


Sadly, the puppy had arrived to be euthanized, but Danielle was so angry and so upset for this poor dog that she refused to let him die. She wanted him to experience a normal, happy life, even if she had to be the one to give it to him. And that’s exactly what she did. She adopted him and named him D’Artagnan, or Mr. D for short, after the captain of the Musketeers of the Guard who served Louis XIV.

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The vet wasn’t sure if Mr. D would survive his horrible injuries, and warned Danielle of the costly operations that had to be done, but she didn’t care. Mr. D underwent skin grafts and reconstruction of his ears and mouth, and had hair implanted in the spots where he lost it. Since he will never have eyelids again, Danielle has to give him artificial teardrops every day.

Thankfully, Mr. D not only survived, he thrived! He is loving his new home with Danielle, and enjoys snuggling with her cats. He looks a little unique, because of his skin grafts and misplaced fur on his face, but he acts just like any other dog and is so sweet and affectionate!


But the story doesn’t end there. Three years later in 2010, Danielle got into a motorcycle accident and fractured her skull, causing her to be in a coma for over a week with no brain activity. Since she was an organ donor, doctors had planned to remove her respirator on the thirteenth day of her coma. A priest came to read her last rites, and miraculously Danielle woke up out of her coma! Not only did she wake up, but her first words spoken were “Mr. D.”

She had a long road to recovery, learning to walk and speak again, but all of this has taught her so much. “Now fully recovered, my greatest hope is that this story will inspire people of all ages to not ever give up on yourself or your loved ones, and to show the importance of rescuing animals from shelters…Because you will find, that the love and bond between yourself and an animal can be one that is selfless and enduring and can never be broken,” wrote Danielle.


You can purchase Mr. D’s story in his book, The Adventures of Mr. D, which is on sale on Amazon.

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