This Family Took Their Boat Out On The Lake, They Definitely Weren’t Expecting To Save An Animals Life!

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How many times can you say you’ve gone out on a boat and have seen an animal struggling to swim, let alone a baby deer? Probably not many. The Welsh family went out on their boat for the day and did not expect to come across a drowning deer in the middle of the lake, but when they saw her, they knew they had to save her.

Someone on the boat swam out to her to rescue her, and you can tell how scared she was by the little cries she let out; she also tried to swim out of his arms, not realizing that they were there to help her. Once the boat was close enough, he lifted her up onto it and then they dried her and warmed her up with a blanket. They brought the boat near the shore and carried the little fawn to the ground, back to safety. She glanced at the family, probably as a ‘thank you,’ and then ran into the trees. It’s unknown how this baby deer wound up in the middle of the lake, but thankfully this boat of people saw her just in time to rescue her!

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