Rescuers Follow The Sound Of Crying To Discover A Puppy Stuck In A Deep Well

Many animal rescue stories begin with an animal getting stuck in precarious situations, like getting their heads trapped in fences or in holes. This specific story involves a grateful puppy, a deep well and a heart-wrenching rescue.

According to Little Things, volunteers with Animal Aid Unlimited received a call from some worried citizens about a dog that had fallen into a well. When rescuers arrived at the scene, they discovered an extremely deep well filled with water, debris and trash. The dog’s sobbing was the only thing that helped the rescuers find the animal.

The footage below chronicles the entire rescue from the minute the team arrives. The camera follows the volunteers deep into a field where they discover the large abandoned well. We see one of the volunteers strap himself into a harness and get lowered down into the large crevice. When the man emerges clutching the shaken dog, the team celebrates. The dog is extremely grateful to his rescuers and showers them with kisses.

For more information on how you can support the mission of Animal Aid Unlimited, visit their official website.

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