Dog Gets Excited Thinking the Applause at His Parents’ Wedding Is for Him

Weddings are one of the most remarkable events in a couple’s life. The whole family should be there, including the couple’s lovely pets. Furry Ventures Pet Care offers wedding day pet care services in the US. They assist the newlywed couples in arranging their dog’s attendance at the harmonious event. It is a great idea for engaged people who are both dog lovers. The service eases their stress surrounding who will babysit their dog the entire time.

You can see adorable dogs on their Instagram page — surprising their pet parents and making the wedding even more memorable. The dogs sometimes attend wearing a bow, a vest, or a collar with flowers — looking all dapper and gorgeous for the beautiful day. It’s like they are the special guest and the highlight of every group photo. Weddings have become a happier occasion because of their presence.

The famous Instagram page, dogsofinstagram, shared a video of a dog getting excited by applause from wedding guests. He couldn’t stop wagging his tail out of happiness — he really thought the guests were clapping for him. The Instagram reel was curated from Furry Ventures Pet with the caption, “A round of a-paws for the goodest boy!” Indeed, he is, as he made that simple moment into a wedding highlight.

People flooded the comment section — tagging their friends and gushing over the adorable dog. An Instagram user gained 445 likes with a comment, “I would be clapping for him.” Dogs certainly deserve applause for being a fur of sunshine and bringers of happiness in this world. Let’s make dog guests a norm for weddings that have a lot of pet lovers. It would truly be a blast, as you’ll see in the video below.

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