This Website Will Warn You If A Dog Dies In A Movie

We all remember growing up traumatized by the sad scene in Bambi – you know the one I’m talking about. Since then, films and TV shows might have upsetting scenes, but we haven’t cried as we did as kids.

That is until a scene in a film or TV show depicts a pet dying. Then we fall to pieces all over again like we’re five years old.

Oh, I feel the tears already just thinking about it.

There are many people – my father included in this category – who will outright refuse to watch a movie or TV episode if he knows that an animal is going to die. He’ll even refuse if there is a hint of it.

Well, if you’re like my dad then you’ll be happy to know that while there can’t be changes made to the film, the good people on the internet have created a website to warn you of the inevitable.

Does The Dog Die is a website that provides “crowdsourced emotional spoilers for movies, TV, books and more,” meaning people can get a warning as to whether or not a four-legged character will meet a heartbreaking fate.

And the database is quite extensive too, spanning 11 types of media such as movies, TV shows, books, video games, and comic books. This means you can live in blissful ignorance across a span of entertainment sources.

And it’s not just dog deaths that the site covers. There are other categories as well, and has varied animal demises such as cats, horses and other animals. It also covers other things that people might not want to see such as blood/gore, ghosts, someone vomiting, the revelation that Santa isn’t real (sorry about it) or simply an unhappy ending.

The sight even has trigger warnings about this that might be upsetting to views like domestic violence, eating disorders, child abuse, miscarriage or abortion, sexual assault, drug use, addiction, hate speech, and even strobe effects!

The Does The Dog Die website is updated regularly with other triggers as well, and often crowd-sources information from fans across social media.

Basically, whoever created the website is an absolute angel sent from above. Now you can look up pretty much anything to see if it contains something that might upset you. Welcome to the year 3,000. We finally made it.

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