Man Places A Camera Inside A Water Bowl For Stray Animals

Water is one of the most valuable resources on the planet. No one can survive without it. That’s why Ahmet Selki decided to step up to the plate and assist local animals.

Selki lives in a town in Turkey and sees stray cats and dogs on a regular basis. But with no clean public water in the city, he wanted to provide the animals with a way to cool down during the hot summer months.

Photo: Facebook / Kimyasal Pazarı

“They don’t have a chance to find a clean river in the city, or a lake or any other natural water source,” Selki told The Dodo. “So it is our duty to provide fresh water, both during summer and other seasons.”

Photo: Facebook / Kimyasal Pazarı

He wanted to see the faces of the animals that he was helping, so he took the time to place a camera at the bottom of the water dish.

To his surprise, he couldn’t believe all the different types of animals that showed up: “The results were amazing,” Selki said. “Not only was it cats and dogs, but a crow and butterflies came up to have a drink too.”

Photo: Facebook / Kimyasal Pazarı

He hopes the video will inspire others to help animals in need: “I hope that all of us will always remember that we are responsible for all the animals,” Selki said. “We destroyed or shaped the whole planet in the direction of our needs. It’s time to think about the other species too. So, people, always leave clean fresh water and maybe some food nearby to feed the animals.”

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