Watch What Happens When This Puppy Gets Hungry!

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When I was three-years-old my mom thought it’d be a great idea to get a dog. I was three! I loved every animal so I had no problem with it; my dad on the other hand wasn’t too excited. My mom opens the door and in comes the dog. She was a Saint Bernard. She was so big! So big in fact, when she stood on all fours she could rest her head on the kitchen table. Just imagine that…

She was very good at “sneakily” stealing my sister and I’s food right off our plates, most of the time we weren’t even at the table. We would just walk around with our food in our hands, not paying attention, and then suddenly we have no more food!

Watch this puppy help this kid out with his afternoon snack!

Source: Stealth Dog Casually Steals Baby’s Snack by babybee on Rumble

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