Watch These Puppy Videos, Be More Productive: It’s Science

“Dogs are miracles with paws,” said Susan Ariel Kennedy, and I couldn’t agree more. When someone tells me to “go to my happy place,” I immediately picture . . . . some exotic locale and a great meal, but there are definitely puppies there too. We’ve all read the studies that tout the many benefits of dog ownership, but did you know that simply watching images of cute animals can positively impact your work performance?

A study by Hiroshima University researched the impact of looking at cute images and employee productivity, and the results are surprising (in a good way). The study measured how cute images impact our ability to be a team player, concentrate, and mindfully complete tasks. The group that was shown photos of puppies and kittens showed increased performance scores of 44 percent. Similar increases in attentiveness and empathy were also noted. In the interest of your daily productivity, it is highly recommended that you take a moment to watch the ridiculously cute puppy videos posted below. Your boss will thank you.

Jerry Catches his Own Tennis Ball

When I watched this video, I wondered a) how long it took Jerry’s owner to build the machine, and b) how long it took to train Jerry to catch it. This person is an inspiration for dog owners everywhere. Petco should start marketing this contraption immediately, it would be a hit. Little Jerry’s enthusiasm never seems to wane — and neither does our love for him.

Brittany Spaniel Puppy Discovers Door Stop

Beckham the Brittany Spaniel might be the happiest dog on earth, but who wouldn’t be upon the discovery of the illusive door stop? Beckham’s ability to defy gravity and perk his ears up at the same time is enough to make any heart melt.

Pug Puppy Identity Crisis

If you’ve ever become startled by seeing your reflection out of the corner of your eye, then you can relate to this little fellow. According to National Geographic, only humans, great apes, dolphins and elephants can recognize themselves in the mirror, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. This pug’s lopsided tail and black mask make him the perfect candidate for silliness. He seems both concerned and excited, but which emotion will win before it’s nap time?

Twelve Barking Golden Retriever Puppies

There’s nothing like a whole room full of puppies. Even though all of the bark collars at PetSafe couldn’t stop this brigade from babbling, it’s still tempting to reach into your screen and take them all home. Puppies can get away with anything, no matter how needy they act . . .

Bulldog Puppy Conquers First Flight of Stairs

A puppy’s first time up the stairs is like a baby’s first step, only, dare I say cuter? This little Bulldog, Frankie, was kind enough to share his first venture up the stairs with us, and what a venture it is. It’s almost like climbing a mountain as a toddler, if you put it into perspective. If you’re on this site, then it’s safe to say dogs have a special place in your heart, but now they can have a special, functional place in your workday too.

James Mitchell is an animal trainer from Sacramento, Calif.

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