Mount Washington Observatory’s ‘Cat Mascot’ Passes Away After 12 Years

Way up in northern New Hampshire, 6,288 feet above sea level, sits the Mount Washington Observatory. This happens to be the highest point in the Northeast, and it the observation point from where weather patterns are monitored.

At the observatory, meteorologists work to collect weather data on an hourly basis every day – a task that is particularly important during the winter months.

Both meteorologists and interns who work at the summit, work there for about a week at a time, making sure that the instruments are always kept from ice so that they remain functional.

It’s a place that can get quite isolating and lonely given that the observatory is situated on the mountainside. Those who work up there might feel a little disconnected from the world, and that is where Marty, a black Maine Coon, played such an important role.

Marty was the official Mount Washington Mascot, a job that he took on back in 2008. It was a duty he’d inherited from the previous feline mascot.

Marty was part of a long line of cats living at the observatory since the 1930s when it was first built. Marty had been rescued from the Conway Area Humane Society. Marty was known to bring very calming energy to the workers pulling long shifts at the observatory – often curling up on their laps or rubbing against their legs.

Of course, he wasn’t always the most demonstrative with his affections as he was sometimes known to be a little haughty – just like a typical cat.

Sadly, Marty recently passed away at the age of 15 from an “unexpected illness.” Conway Area Humane Society shared a tribute post of Marty, recalling how he won the mascot position in a vote by a landslide. They said, “From the beginning Marty was very popular, he won a voting contest put on by our shelter, and received over 4,000 votes, to become the Mount Washington Summit Mascot. There was no recount needed, he was the perfect fit!”

Thousands of travelers visited Marty at the observatory and he was able to bless people around the world. Several people commented memories of Marty, and a few recalled how much they loved his extra toes.

It’s not known at this time when Marty’s successor will be picked.

RIP, Marty! You were a wonderful mascot!

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