This Warthog Is Overrun By Mongoose’s. The Reason? Not What You’d Think!

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Warthogs living in Uganda have learned to rid themselves of ticks by looking for some hungry mongooses. What does this mean you might ask? Well, the mongooses have learned to inspect the wild pigs for ticks, which are like yummy little treats to them. Amazingly enough, the warthogs come over and lie down, waiting for the mongooses. The mongooses come over and climb all over the pig, giving him a great grooming session.

In a BBC video, you can see the “banded brothers” family of mongooses in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park, helping out a warthog. “Such partnerships between different mammal species are rare, and this particular interaction illustrates a great deal of trust between participants,” said Dr. Andy Plumptre, Director for WCS Albertine Rift Program and author of the published description of the behavior. “It makes you wonder what else may be happening between species that we don’t see because, in order to see it, both species need to be unafraid of people.”

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