People Are Reporting Their Dogs Being Stolen In England During Lockdown

We sometimes feel safe when we are out walking our dog. For a woman in one area, however, that walk turned into horror when she feels that someone tried to grab her puppy. She had paid £1,000 for the dog and feels that they were trying to turn the pup into “a breeding machine,” according to GrimbsyLive.

A number of dog theft attempts have been reported in Holton-le-Clay, Waltham, and Humberston recently, so dog owners are being told to be careful.

Stanley and Mabel were being walked down a cycle path by their owner, Angie Partridge. They were close to the New Waltham Academy when a cyclist came up from behind her unexpectedly.

She didn’t think much about it because it was her habit to talk to other dog walkers. Having somebody stop to chat was not strange for her.

Angie said that he started talking about the dog, Mabel, asking about her breed and age. Those dogs have a popularity at this time, being red Cavapoos. Mabel is only 6 months old and they had paid £1,000 for her at the beginning of the year, but these days, they can fetch as much as £4,000.

She reported:

“Strangely, he didn’t even acknowledge Stanley, who is older and male.

Then the man biked away a bit, and called Mabel to him. He put his arm down to pick up her up, but in the split second I knew I had to call her back.”

She was happy that she had called the dog back to her and the bike took off immediately. He didn’t say anything else and it happened so quickly, that it took her by surprise. She talked to other people and they told her about the dog thefts and now she is almost positive that Mabel was almost a victim of it.

Angie told GrimbysLive:

“Young female dogs like her are sometimes taken and used as breeding machines to produce more puppies.

It’s really quite sad, and I would have been devastated if anything had happened to her. I won’t be letting her walk off the lead for a long time.”

Angie reports that the man is in his late 20s with an Irish accent, wearing a black cap.

As a cross between Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and poodles, Cavapoos are extremely popular as a family pet. The price for that breed has gone up significantly during the lockdown, so Little Tykes Dog Hub in Grimsby is warning dog owners to be careful.

After inspecting social media reports, they see that more dogs are being dog-napped or attempted to be dog-napped in the area.

They posted a warning on social media, according to Metro, saying: “People approaching you and your dog or puppy and asking you your dog’s name, age, breed and sometimes how much the breed cost to buy are most likely trying to target you. Young, un-neutered dogs from six months to one year are most at risk of been taken for breeding.”

They say that they will try to get the dog away from the owner and it is easy to do so if the dog is wearing a harness, snap collar, or any type of lead clip. It only takes seconds and the dog is gone.

They continued:

“If you meet people that stop you and start asking questions specifically about your dog be aware, and if necessary move away.

Try to teach your dog a recall that is a sound rather than shouting your dog’s name, they can use this.”

As a result of the increase in price for this breed, a wave of dog-nappings has occurred. The price hasn’t been increased by reputable breeders, but there are many people who want to take advantage of the higher price to line their pockets.

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