This Pit Bull With Cancer Defied Odds As He Celebrated His Eleventh Birthday. When He Opens His Surprise? TEARS.

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Wallace the Pit bull was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and was given just two weeks to three months without chemo to live. He defied the odds and was able to celebrate his eleventh birthday, seven months post diagnosis, chemo free! After hearing his story, people from all over the country began sending Wallace toys. His owner put them all in a box and wrapped it for his birthday.

Watch as Wallace celebrates his eleventh birthday with a dog-shaped cake and opens his box full of toys. His reaction will bring you to tears, so get the tissues ready!! He is so excited and wagging his tail before the box is even opened. Once the box is opened, he immediately grabs the first toy he sees! Then he comes back for more and sees that there’s so many that he can’t even decide which one he wants to play with next. His human dumps the toys all over and Wallace is in total doggy bliss playing with them all! It’s amazing to see how happy Wallace was able to be, despite his cancer. Sadly, Wallace passed away a year after diagnosis, but was still able to live a long and happy life.

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