Corgi With The Biggest Heart Loves Hugging All The Dogs He Meets On His Daily Walks

I think that Charles Schulz said it best when he said that “Happiness is a warm puppy.” Most of us not only feel that way, we can’t help but smile from the heart when a puppy is around.

Perhaps that is why so many people love Wallace, a lovely little Corgi who is filled with so much love that he can’t help but show it to everyone he meets.

Noah Raminick is Wallace’s human dad, and he takes the Corgi out for a walk regularly. When they happen to meet another pup along the way, it isn’t long before Wallace is sharing all of the hugs he can.

He just has so much joy in his life he can’t help but share some of it!

Most of us will find it quite refreshing to hear about this lovely dog that shares hugs with every dog he meets.

There is something else that really warms our heart about Wallace, and that’s his nose. You see, it is shaped just like a little heart!

Ramineck absolutely loves having a dog with so much love to give. The fact that Wallace is also one of the most adorable creatures on the face of the earth is a bonus that he appreciates.

He gets to enjoy watching Wallace give hugs and playing with other puppies as he continues to spread happiness throughout his community.

Wallace isn’t even afraid to give a bigger dog a hug every once in a while.

He just climbs up on his hind legs and wraps his paws around them in a way that only he can.

When it comes to smaller dogs, Wallace is cautious so that he doesn’t frighten or overwhelm them with too much love. He just wants to share what he has and he seems to be aware of the needs of other animals.

Wallace continues to go on walks and to meet more friends as he does so. Hugging is a natural reaction to him, it isn’t something that was taught.

In the end, perhaps we could all learn something from this adorable dog. We may not have a nose that is shaped like a heart, but we certainly can spread joy to others when we meet them.

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